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 1. How do we ensure the quality of Kairui paper bag?

      A:During the procurement of raw materials, the quality are more concerned. All the raw materials must reach the industry's highest standards. On the other hand, there are strict workshop production management system. Quality inspection of each product must go through three men before finally out of the warehouse. First is the workshop quality inspection, then followed by packing inspection, and the final acceptance of the Warehouse Supervisor.
 2. How do we ensure the date of delivery?
    A:If the goods are in stock, then we can guarantee to deliver in one week. If it is custom-designed, according to the customer's delivery date we will require one week in advance to have the goods get ready. If it is due to our cause can not deliver the goods on time, we will fully compensate the loss for the customers.
      A:To pay 30% deposit in advance, the remaining, cash on delivery.
4.About Kairui new design paper bag
      A:The core strengths of our company is more than 20 series new design paper bag could be introduced per month, and quickly to meet market demand. But in order to protect our intellectual property rights, only registered members could get our latest products catalog.
5.Routine packaging and personalized packaging?
   A: Our routine inner packaging is 12 pcs in one opp. Our routine outer packaging is 240pcs in one carton for the M, L size(white cardboard), 480 pcs in one carton for the S size and wine bag.
          About personalized packaging, we could package according to customer's request.  
6.Do you have the right of importing&exporting?
A: Kairui gift bag manufacturer has the right of importing&exporting. At first Kairui is a production-type enterprise, we develop our own right of importing&exporting to serve our customers all over the world.  
7.How to gain advantage compare other paper bag wholesaler?
A: Kairui gift bag manufacturer has specialized in hand craft paper bag for 15 years, every month at least announce 20 series new design paper bag. We help you improve your market share by unique design and personalized design according to your market demand. 
8.Why you choose Kairui gift bag manufacturer?
A: Kairui gift bag like artworks of nature, every time you come to Kairui could feel the fresh style.  Kairui gift paper bag could enhance the value of your products by fashion design and superior quality.
9.How to order from Kairui gift bag?
A: Send Email to to confirm the order. The mainly thing we need to confirm is size, material, quanity, craft, packing requests.
Call telephone No. 0086-579-8526 1690 or Mobile No. 0086-152 6796 1021 is also supported.
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